Daisy“Daisy sat down on one of the rocks beside the magic pool. She was wondering what Gem had felt like when she had shrunk down to fairy size. Everything must have looked huge and very scary.

Closing her eyes Daisy tried to imagine that she was as tall as Gem’s brother Bobby. In her mind she saw herself striding across the lawn in just a few steps and reaching up to the branches of the walnut tree.

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Daisy“When the fairies decided to show themselves to Gem, Daisy was chosen because she was the first to put her hand up when asked, waving her arms around wildly to make sure that Columbine noticed her. She was a good choice because she is very friendly, has a lovely smile and most beautiful wings.

Daisy had strict instructions not to frighten Gem and not to say anything. All she had to do was pop up in front of her, spread a little magic fairy dust around her head and disappear again. The idea was, and it usually worked, that Gem would then be able to visit them in her dreams that night. By mistake, Gem saw Daisy twice, but it didn't matter because Gem was able to rescue her when the wind nearly buried her under a huge pile of leaves. They were so surprised to see each other again neither of them realising that they would soon become very good friends.

If you want to know all about Gem's adventures with the fairies, you can read all about them in "The Magic Web Of Light" series Book 1 "Fairy Dream Time" available as an e-book on Amazon and shortly to be available in hard copy print.

About Madeleine

Madeleine's soft watercolours express her love of nature, which is seen clearly in the illustrations for her children's books. Her vivid descriptions draw the reader into her magical world of fairies, elves and dragons…

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