madeleine-fletcherApart from living for a couple of years in America, Madeleine has spent her life in Buckinghamshire with her husband, Keith, mostly in a quaint country cottage, surrounded by a beautiful garden and rolling countryside. This has given her the inspiration for her writing. Here they brought up their two talented daughters, plus a special foster daughter, who now have families of their own. Madeleine also has a grandson who shares her brilliant imagination.

In her earlier career as a ballet teacher she has experienced many aspects of the arts. Her soft watercolours express her love of nature, which is seen clearly in the illustrations for her children's books. Madeleine's vivid descriptions draw the reader into her magical world of fairies, elves and dragons. Her understanding of alternative methods of healing, use of flower remedies, herbs and creative energy, leaves one in no doubt that she indeed shares the true spirit of conservation of our wonderful planet.