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"When the fairies magic wands were no longer safe to use, Gem and her Aunt Rose were called upon to help solve the mystery. With all sorts of scary things happening, they travelled across the openfields with an army of elves and fairies to investigate. As they made their way towards a new railway rack that was being built, they could see how it was devastating the countryside, causing great danger to a local dragon and the fairy kingdom."

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Book One of The Magic Web of Light Series

Gem couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a tiny fairy at the top of her cottage garden.

Later that night, she dreamed that she met a whole family of fairies as they were cleaning and polishing her mirror pool on the rockery by the light of the moon. When the fairies discovered that one of their crystals that they needed for their Magic Web ceremony was missing, Gem helped them search for it. In return they showed her many exciting and magical things about her garden.

Book Two of The Magic Web of Light Series

When Gem met the fairies again they invited her to watch their Flight School ceremony.

She became fairy size and had the chance to fly around her own garden attached to a butterfly. A really horrid storm came and caused all sorts of damage. Gem tried her best to help the little fairies again, but real disaster struck.

Book Three of The Magic Web of Light Series

A huge branch fell from the walnut tree during a devastating storm, but the fairies and Gem couldn’t shift it.

The Fairy Queen gave them permission to use Old Magic to remove it as they needed the pool to be clear for the Magic Web ceremony. Once more one of the precious crystals went missing. Will they find it before the Magic Web appears? What will happen if Gem is unable to help them again?

About Madeleine

Madeleine's soft watercolours express her love of nature, which is seen clearly in the illustrations for her children's books. Her vivid descriptions draw the reader into her magical world of fairies, elves and dragons…

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